Lunar New Year

... GONG XI FA CAI ...

Wishing you a propeous, good luck and happines.

Send  your wishes to your relatives and friends along with our cute and yummy treats


Mocha Nougat Cake

Four layers of mocca sponge cake with custard cream filling within and covered with crunchy brown nougatine. 

Cupcakes: Monkey

Cupcakes flavours: double chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, nutella, red berry, peanut butter, and oreo


Cupcakes: Boy and Girl

Cupcakes flavour: coffee, double chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, nuttella, red berry, peanut butter and oreo.

Cupcakes: Cheongsam

Cupcakes flavours: double chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, red berry, peanut butter, nutella,  and oreo

Monkey & Firecrackers Cake

A round 18cm cake consist of three layer soft and moist cakes.  Cake flavour available: vanilla, chocolate, coffee, mocca or combination. 

Text and all decorations made of fondant icing.

Sweet and Savoury Pastry

Sweet pastry: Almond Tart, Apple Cheese Tart, Blueberry Almond Tart, Bread Pudding, Chocolate Tart, and Fruit Tart

Savoury pastry: Cottage Pie (beef/chicken), Macaroni Schotel, and Quiche Lorraine